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Confession by Richard Freis

About the Book

George Burden is a distinguished attorney who has fallen deeply in love with Becca Talbot, a divorced young woman with a 5-year-old son. During one noon encounter at a local hotel, Becca rejects George’s sudden proposal that he leave his wife and marry her. Later, he sees her walk from the hotel with an unknown young man. He becomes obsessed with discovering Becca’s true situation and persuading her to marry him. As he pursues Becca his misreading of successive situations draws him further into the ambiguities of Becca’s life. The unknown young man is revealed as Becca’s mysterious twin brother, Frank, and the story reaches its climax on an island along the Gulf Coast, where George and Frank have a violent confrontation and George finally learns the truth about Becca . . . and himself..


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A taut psychological thriller, focused on a mid-life crisis and arriving at a stunning conclusion.   


-- Suzanne Marrs, author of What There Is to Say We Have Said: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and William Maxwell

Richard Freis reminds us how deep our struggle remains with all the great questions—first among them love and faith. In Confession, the end result is a masterful portrait of our familiar world, where we are all obsessed with the complex machinations of the human mind, and the human heart. 


-- Steve Kistulentz, author of The Little Black Daydream and The Luckless Age

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