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“A riveting novel from beginning to end, Confession is a first class psychological thriller and marks author Richard Freis as having an impressive literary talent for creating memorable characters, 'cliff hanger' suspense elements, and an extraordinarily compelling story. Confession is highly recommended reading for psychological thriller enthusiasts and would make a popular addition to community library contemporary fiction collections." Midwest Book Review


“Taking place in under 100 hours, Confession is a taut psychological suspense starring a fascinating violent protagonist who tells his Confession by letter to a priest. Ironically as he confesses his sins (and readers learn his history from his perspective) George has everything except spiritual connections. Richard Freis provides a strong character-driven thriller.”  Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews



































“The author, who is also a poet, writes the most savory prose. For example: "Becca's strained concern was taking her away from me, removing her presence with each word to a greater and greater distance. I watched from foxhole of my terror." "Harriet turns toward present power like a sunflower toward the sun..." There are vivid descriptions of the DoNuT DiNeR in Jackson; the venerable Burden family beach house; and the water, sands, and wild creatures of the Gulf.” Susan Falknor, Amazon


“Confessions is a thriller with twists and turns that kept me reading all night. The author’s writing style is beautiful; the descriptions read like poetry.”  Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


Confession, a mystery of illicit love, immediately captured then captivated my interest, enticing me to read the whole novel in a single day. From its brief Prologue, which foretells its ending (though not its climax) to its last pages, Confession binds a reader to the spell it casts. Its psychological power as it progressively reveals the significance of its central character's struggles and delusions may lead some readers to wonder how aware they themselves are of their own motivations and complacencies. Confession thus gives us much more than a compelling mystery story.”  Harrison Sheppard, Amazon


“Richard Freis' Confession is a lyrical and moving tale of a middle-aged man who has clutched onto a bright piece of youth as a drowning man might a branch or a rescuer's arm. While George's story reveals a man whose life has been a shadow-play, an attempt to create the perfect family, have the perfect wife and be the consummate professional, there is still the motherless and alienated child who is not sure how to react to his father's rages and contempt.” Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


“A real page-turner, I could not put Freis's Confession down until I finished!” Gay Huff, Amazon

“If you enjoy psychological suspense, this book is a must read.”  Bobbie Grob, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

“This promising and gripping first novel is a descent into hell, revealing the unexpected dark and violent forces within and outside us that are let loose and enslave us when we betray the good and ordered life, but also the possibility of repentance and salvation.” Fr Paul Yerger, Amazon


"Fans of Walker Percy, the Mississippi-formed novelist and essayist, who died in 1990, will be elated to know that a similar sensibility has made its debut in the person of Richard Freis...[The novel is ] a "tight psychological tale," but it is one conducted at a very high level of literary quality...This is not just "a good read," although it is that also. it is a very fine novel that deserves wide-spread notice." The Za, Amazon



Confession is a brilliant study of the machinations of the human mind and soul. It puts into print what most of us silently ponder and it does it with a great deal of depth and perception.”  Karen Pirnot, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


“Not a traditional thriller with a hero trying to prevent a villain from inflicting damage on the world, Confession is a literary novel of suspense, concerned with the psychological deterioration of its protagonist…. While his actions are far from admirable, George is a memorable character who will haunt readers long after they finish the last pages of his confession.” Donna Meredith, Southern Literary Review


“Eminently readable, entertaining to the intellect and to the senses, Confession is recommended as a good read, with a story and characters which live beyond the last page, almost demanding a sequel.” Samm Edelman, Amazon


“With fantastic imagery, descriptions, and psychological insight, Richard Freis tells an engrossing story…that details the depths of human passion, frailty, and hope and celebrates the choice of surviving in spite of tremendous despair.” Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


“Mississippi author, Richard Freis, has created a multi-layered and complex first person narrative in his recently released novel, Confession. The tangled web of mystery and mayhem that the main character, George Burden, inadvertently self-induces is relayed to us in the form of a much needed confessional release to a priest. Ever since the renowned book, Confessions of St. Augustine, the architecture of such a format allows a chronicle of self-awareness, self loathing, and eventual inner spiritual revelation to emerge in real-time, as the protagonist lives it.” Constance, Amazon


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